Are There Any Cheap Travel Deals Left?

With the current economic turmoil being felt all over the world and the ‘R’ (that’s recession) word is heard on the news and on display in every newspaper, there’s no getting away from the fact that everyone is trying to save money. Does this mean you can’t afford a vacation? Not necessarily.

Words we commonly associate with travel are luxury, air fare prices, spending, extravagant and the like. However, just like any other business, hotels, restaurants and airlines can’t stay in business for long if they can’t get customers willing to part with some money. These businesses are getting hungry, so it’s not surprising that they’re putting on their marketing thinking caps and thinking hard. The result is a panoply of cheap travel deals!

Perhaps it’s a lack of publicity that’s driving prices down so radically. Most people are scratching travel right off their wish list, believing a cheap travel deal is not to be found. Au contraire! Let us give you a few clues on the current cheap travels you’ll find, if only you look!

When fuel prices were at their highest, some of the smaller airlines closed down, unable to meet the stiff costs of operation. Others were bought up by major airlines, consolidating their hold on the flying public, while whining loudly. They may have taken this story board too far and have now sustained a shot to their bread and butter customer base. Then, along came the extra baggage fees, no in-flight meals or blankets for free. The airlines apparently did an admirable job of convincing the average traveler that they could no longer afford this pricey luxury called travel vacation. Business dropped off sharply. So sharply that they are now begging for your business. Now they’re finally coming to the party, with some cheap travel deals on airfare prices, up to half off to high season destinations! The trouble is, no one’s listening. On the other hand, you, armed with the inside scoop, can find some of the best airfare deals we’ve seen in a long time!

So here’s your chance to search out the dirt cheap travel deals that are now available. In addition to the major travel sites, like Expedia and Orbitz, check out the other, lesser-known travel sites, brimming with deals on hotels, tour packages and last-minute deals. Hotels are suffering a dip in business, due to the extra baggage charges. The smart ones are offering an array of discounts, ranging from restaurant and bar credits to waivers on booking fees.

If you’re starting to feel that a vacation might not be out of the question, try this search. Google ‘air fare deals’, ‘discount airline tickets’ and ‘hotel promotions’, followed by the name of your destination. The results might get your blood circulating, dreaming of a tropical beach getaway or a drop-dead fare to Europe, as you rethink your budget.