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How To Preserve Food With the Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator

Everyone is more health conscious these days. They are trying to eat healthier, cut out processed foods and eat organic foods. Food preservation is a touchy topic because some food manufacturers use ingredients that are a bit sketchy when it comes to elongating the lifespan of their products. In many cases, traditional methods take away the nutritional value of the food. The Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator offers a different way to preserve foods.

The Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator allows you to preserve food while maintaining its flavour. No other ingredients are added to this process so it tastes just as good after it has been preserved because it doesn’t lose the flavours. It delivers the vast majority of foods with the same vitamins and minerals as the fresh foods. The flavours, nutrients and enzymes are remarkably concentrated with this form of food preservation.

This catering equipment has 6 stainless steel trays so you can dehydrate a number of food items in the one unit. It has 6 automatic programs which offer you versatile use in terms of dehydration and food preservation. It may have 6 trays but the dehydration process is even throughout this food dehydrator due to wide flow technology. All the food on the different levels will dehydrate at the same level.

The food dehydration process is quite simple because this unit does it all on its own so you don’t need any specific skills to dehydrate the food products. You can dehydrate tomatoes, onions, peas, plums, beef, chicken, and cheese, amongst others. It gives you the freedom to be creative with your food, so you could create unique and interesting dishes with the dehydrated food. In addition, you will reduce your wastage because dehydration extends the shelf life of the food. For added convenience, this catering equipment has a maintenance cycle at the end of each dehydrating process and it has an energy saving on/off safety switch.

The Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator is a more natural way to preserve food as it maintains flavour, doesn’t require preservatives, and keeps the nutrients and enzymes locked in the food. Many people throw food away so this is a great way to eliminate wastage in your kitchen. If you think about it, it could save you money too. The food dehydration process is a more effective way to preserve food especially if you are on a mission to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Most Proven Food Preservation Methods That Will Save You Time and Money

The process of preventing food spoilage in food is called Food preservations. It prevents harmful micro organisms to survive in our food that causes spoilage. In food preservations, maintaining texture, flavour and nutrients is needed. Nowadays more and more people are preserving food, most especially at home. It is our main source in getting food for everyday consumption of the family. All foods are preserved nowadays as you see in supermarkets, all are canned and preserved. So why not try it as well too.

Food is very essential to us, that’s why we really try our best to produce more and more healthy foods, that’s why these preservations is here to help. There are different methods in these preservations like drying, canning, salting, curing, smoking, freezing, fermenting, chemical preservation, pickling, jellying and carbonating. All of these processes are used in preventing microbes to enter our food. We are protected in various illnesses from microbes like botulism in preservation. There are also some health friendly chemical preservatives used like nitrates, nitrites, sulphites, benzoates and sorbic acids. Knowing the factors in food preservations are also needed like space, equipments, cost, food and climate in doing preservations.

In all the methods in preservations, canning and drying are the most budget friendly and shelf life extending processes. The foods that undergo these processes can lasts up to a year or two if properly prepared and made. Right canning, preparation, sterilization and sealing will result to quality made preserve food. Following tips and guidelines in food preservations is a must to have a safe and healthy food. Following safety precautions in food preservation is a must to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Each and every detail in these preservations must be done.

Food preservation has been a part of our lives now and then. Without food preservations, we are in danger. We will not survive any food crisis that comes along. We must act now to maintain a balanced diet through preserving. Learn more new techniques in preserving nutritious food so anyone can benefit from it. This is a great challenge for us, for our lives are at stake here. Let us protect our future generation by starting to learn to preserve different kinds of foods. Through this we can help many lives.