Road Trip Planning, Helpful Hints To Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Road trip planning is easy if you have the information at hand. Whether it is by car or a RV road trip, planning ahead and knowing what to expect makes your travel much more enjoyable. Planning the Road Trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. Unfortunately, most people just jump into their car, drive for hours with a occasional stop at a fast food restaurant for a quick bite to eat, and arrive at their destination exhausted and irritated by the heavy traffic, bad food, and other drivers. This does not have to happen to you.

With a little planning your road trip can be a joyful and memorable event. Need driving directions to your destination? Go on line and find free trip planners that will give you detailed information on how to get there, including driving time, mileage, road conditions, etc. If you are looking for more information such as lodging or camping locations, points of interest, and road pass elevations; you can’t miss if you check out Good Sam Club trip planner. When traveling, expect the unexpected. Allow sufficient time in case of travel delays such as construction, unfortunate mechanical trouble, or the discovery of an interesting site where you decide to spend some extra time exploring.

Traveling With Children: When traveling with children, give the kids a map and they can follow the route you are taking as you travel. Allow each child to bring his or her own travel pack filled with books, projects, and one special item brought from home. This will keep them occupied and make their travel time seem to go by faster. Remember, a road trip can take as much as 1/3 longer when traveling with children than without because of the frequent stops required, preparation time, and the extra organizing. If the children are young (under the age of 12 ) and it is time for a break, look for a place with a playground. This gives them the opportunity to exercise and release some of that pent up energy that has been building up during the long drive. State, county, and local city parks welcome the traveler, and most of the parks have picnic facilities available for a quick lunch or snack. These quick meals are faster, cheaper, and healthier than stopping a fast food restaurant.

Checklists and Printable Activities: If at all possible,you really don’t want to stop at a store along the way to purchase items you should have brought from home but forgot. An extensive packing check list for road trips will save you from this frustration. And keeping your children occupied while traveling can also be a major undertaking. There are web sites that have both extensive packing check lists for Road Trips as well as printable activities for the kids while traveling. Making sure that your vehicle is in good condition before starting on the trip seems obvious. However, by using a checklist for your car you will be assured that nothing has been overlooked.

Plan Your Stops: When you take that extended trip for vacation or business or to visit friends and family, break up the long journey by planning your stops before you start each day. Check out the trip planner you printed out to find points of interest. There will be plenty of signs along the way indicating these points of interest, picnic areas, lakes, state and county parks, historical markers, etc. It doesn’t have to be far from the highway exit and the time spent will refresh you for the balance of the day’s drive.

Have a Picnic Lunch: Pack a picnic lunch before you leave home and when it is time to eat, instead of getting off the road to find a coffee shop or fast food restaurant, pull into a rest stop and have your meal outdoors. Most rest areas along major interstates and highways have picnic tables conveniently located close to the parking area. Not only will you save money, but this break gives you the opportunity to stretch you legs, relax, and enjoy the surroundings. If you have the time (it will be time well spent) stop at one of the points of interest mentioned previously and have a special Road Trip Picnic. These stops do not have to have picnic facilities available if you carry a folding picnic table in the trunk of your car. With very little effort your picnic will become a mini vacation. Imagine getting off of that busy highway for a while and enjoying a picnic lunch along the banks of a river or lake. Even if your travels cover several days; with a cargo cooler and travel pack in your car you can visit a local market when you stop for the night and purchase the ingredients needed for the next day’s picnic.

I’m Thirsty: You know that when you get underway on your trip, sooner or later someone says, “I’m thirsty”. Here is a helpful hint that will keep you from having to stop and buy expensive and unhealthy sodas. The night before leaving, fill plastic water bottles half way with water or their favorite juice and place them into your freezer. Just before you leave, top them off and their drinks will remain cold for hours as the ice slowly melts.