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Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Blackpool

Blackpool has been one of major tourist destinations in the UK. If you plan to go for a holiday with loads of entertainment and fun, then Blackpool is the destination you should choose. Located along the coast of Irish Sea, It is a very beautiful place and that too, because of the seaside.

Blackpool is famous for its gratification and entertainment opportunities. Blackpool has several amusement parks, cinemas, and other entertainment facilities available all over the city.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool is the most anticipated and talked about amusement park of Great Britain. In fact, it is among the top 20 most visited attractions of the world. Surely, that makes Blackpool an exciting place to tour. There are many other attractions in the city, like the Blackpool tower, like the Winter Gardens, like the North, South and Central Pier and many more.

Despite all these exciting places, the main attraction is the beach of Blackpool. Of those who have been there, most of the people think that Blackpool beaches are the most appealing beaches in all Britain. Many B&Bs here are famous for their excellent breakfast and friendly behavior.

If you have already started planning to leave for Blackpool, then you should know where the hotels are and where the reservations can be done. Therefore we have listed the top 5 luxury hotels in Blackpool. They are as follows:

1. The Kings Hotel: If you are with your family and plan to enjoy the beach with the Pleasure Beach amusement park, The Kings Hotel is the place you should go. This one is among the finest, actually the finest luxury hotel, with an amazing decoration and distinctive facilities for families.

2. Belroy Hotel: Belroy Hotel is an outstanding hotel. Most of the tourists actually go for Belroy Hotel because of its location. It is central to every entertainment and social events place. Be it the Pleasure beach or Winter Garden or any other worth watching place.

3. Rubens Hotel: Among the best Blackpool Hotels, Rubens Hotel is luxurious to the core. That does not mean that it is expensive, according to many customers of Rubens, the pricing is nothing in comparison to the quality of services provided. Couples usually chose Rubens Hotel when to plan a visiting Blackpool.

4. The Ramsey Hotel: The Ramsey Hotel is the perfect hotel if you are planning to stay for a shorter period. Ramsey Hotel is famous because of its cleanliness. The rooms are spotless and lavish, with all the required comfort on the doorstep.

5. The Big Blue Hotel: Situated next to the Pleasure Beach amusement park, the Big Blue Hotel is a prolific Hotel with excellent facilities. The Big Blue Hotel is 5th in the list because of its price. They charge around £200 for a stay of two nights without any discounts. Though the package available is high but still it is worthy, it saves a lot of time travelling to and from the hotel to different locations.

Hotels in Manila – An Unforgettable Stay at Aim Conference Center Hotel in Manila

Aim Conference Center Hotel Manila, a towering white building in the heart of Makati City, has its doors wide open for people looking for a second-home to cradle them during their stay in the Philippines. This hotel is especially suited for businessmen who travel to places, closing deals with clients and meeting colleagues. This three (3)-star hotel is one of the best hotels in the Philippines that caters especially to the arising demands of a true corporate man!

This hotel is situated in the heart of Makati, the central business district of Manila that also hosts top schools like the Ateneo Law School and high-end residential areas like the Dasmarinas Village. It only takes 15 minutes to reach this lodging from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Staying in this hotel provides its guests with quick access to many corporate buildings and offices. These included the long line of skyscrapers in Ayala Avenue where you can find the PBCOM Building (the tallest building in the Philippines!), the Philippine Stock Exchange, Convergys, RCBC Tower, G.T. International Tower and a whole lot more! Reaching these offices for client visits is not a hard task. The transportation means in this area is very accessible. One could hail a taxi cab, take a bus or even a jeepney to make travel faster, easier and cheaper!

Whether one needs to meet a business partner or is just looking for a place to settle in for a quick breather from a tight schedule, this hotel is strategically located to nearby establishments. Aim Conference Center Hotel Manila is also very accessible to cafes like Banana Leaf and Figaro; and restaurants like Via Mare, David’s Tea House and T.G.I Friday’s. Tia Maria’s and Bollywood Bar and Bistro are among the best drinking places in the area. Two of the largest, high-end malls in the country could also be found within the vicinity of the hotel. Glorietta and Greenbelt host hundreds of shops to choose from when shopping for local and imported goods. And all of these exciting places to visit are just minutes of travel from your very own accommodation!

Outdoor escapades are a sure treat, but guests can also choose to stay in their rooms to maximize the ultimate amenities this hotel prepares for them. The matching light-colored walls, floors and bed sheets create a friendly sight and a cool ambiance. The hotel morning calls and clock radios ensure that none of the guests would be late for appointments. Laundry and dry cleaning services are also available upon request. All rooms have a 24-hour Internet connection that allows guests to be online all the time to drop messages at home or communicate with colleagues anytime of the day without any hassles of going out. There is also an available data port for use. How good can it get? Doing work within the comforts of your own bedroom!

Aim Conference Center Hotel Manila also has a prepared space for holding business meetings or conferences. The hotel’s conference rooms, convention hall or business center are always open for bookings. No need to worry about the additional preparations because the hotel will take care of all those things. This hotel also provides banquet facilities that guests can take advantage of to cater to their invited business partners or clients.

Make your stay in Aim Conference Center Hotel Manila not only an ordinary visit but let it become your new-found second home and do your work within your very own comfort zone!